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Hamilton-Chase Partners with
Business Advisors
and M&A Firms

Our psychological insights can make the difference between a successful project versus one that stalls, and between an earn-out that is smooth versus one that frustrates.  

Business Advisors


Even the most thoughtful business advisor will encounter situations in which clients are unwilling or unable to hear them.  


We assist business advisors dealing with hesitant or resistant clients. Working in consultation with you and/or your clients, we can identify and resolve the all-too-human obstacles that impede forward momentum and constructive action.


View our guide to helping clients overcome barriers to planning


Why good clients ignore good advice


M&A Firms


We assist M&A professionals with the following:

  • Help business owners remain productively engaged during the post-sale earn out period.

  • Provide pre-retirement coaching for those who may step down.

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