The Psychology of Financial Planning


If you are a financial planner or wealth advisor, you know that no matter how diligent you are in guiding clients, they don’t necessarily adopt your recommendations.  So, not only is it your job to help your clients plan, you’ve also got to help them overcome obstacles to planning.   


As a consulting psychologist, I understand that preparing for the future is sometimes easier said than done.  Clients come to the table with an array of beliefs and assumptions about planning.  Each one has a unique personal and familial history that affects their approach to goal setting.  And like all of us, they’re subject to thinking errors, pressure from other stakeholders, and emotional barriers that inhibit and complicate planning.    

I’ve worked with hundreds of therapy and consulting clients, and I’ve learned how to overcome impediments to progress.  I wanted to help those in other professions do the same, so that they could move their clients forward.  I developed a 60-minute online course called The Psychology of Financial Planning.  It identifies obstacles that might be holding your clients back and includes specific ways for addressing them. This course has been approved by the CFP Board® for 1.0 hour of continuing education credit. This course is offered for a limited time at the introductory price of $39.95.

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Learning Objectives:

After completing this webinar, participants will:

  1. Gain a basic understanding of psychological factors that make it hard for clients to plan.

  2. Become familiar with specific obstacles that impede retirement planning.

  3. Learn how to assess and, in some cases, manage these barriers to planning.

  4. Learn how to move the planning process forward when it seems stalled or derailed.