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We invite you to peruse our whitepapers and past newsletter articles listed below

Past Presentations:

Apr 2014  Dr. Gard spoke at the American Medical Association about the link between emotions and cardiac disease.


Feb 2016  Dr. Gard presented to technical professionals at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Fermilab), about the psychological challenges of retirement.


March 2016  Dr. Gard presented to advisors at the Chicago Chapter of the Exit Planning Institute about the psychological barriers that can derail a business sale.

Apr 2017  Dr. Gard spoke at the Chicago offices of UBS about how to prepare psychologically for retirement. 

June 2018  Dr. Gard spoke about retirement to attendees at the Northern Illinois Employee Assistance Professionals Association 40th Annual Conference: "Plan might be a 4-letter word, but Planning is not".

Aug 2018  Dr. Gard presented as part of a panel about encore careers at the 78th annual meeting of the Academy of Management.

Feb 2019  Dr. Gard spoke to advisors at the Chicago offices of William Blair about the psychology of retirement planning.

Sept 2019  Dr. Gard was invited by the University Club of Chicago to discuss his book, "Done With Work - A Dozen Perspectives on the Decision to Retire".

June 2020  Dr. Gard presented a webinar for the Exit Planning Exchange: "The Psychology of Leading Through the Pandemic".  

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