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​Private Client Services


It's widely recognized that professionals have to be more than just technically proficient and highly intelligent. As you tackle projects, engage with clients, and collaborate with colleagues your success will depend on psychologically-based abilities such as diplomacy, flexibility, resilience, and persuasiveness - to name a few.  Executive coaching can help you be your best.

Private Executive Coaching

Looking to sharpen your work performance?


By the midpoint of a career, the demands of a profession may have changed so significantly that previous strategies and behaviors may no longer be optimal.  Executive Coaching can help people build skills, leverage their strengths in new ways, manage their weaknesses more effectively, and prepare them to meet new challenges. 

For business owners and individuals who seek the benefits of executive coaching on a private basis, we have created an affordable program that offers unparalleled convenience.  In contrast to company-sponsored coaching, when you arrange for executive coaching privately there is only one client, one agenda, and a heightened degree of confidentiality.


Research studies have pegged failure rates for senior executives at up to 33%. Typically it's because they have blind spots that are all too visible to others.  Can you afford to wait until you receive a lukewarm performance review?

Our program is designed to help you . . .

  • Identify potentially career-stalling traits and characteristics

  • Understand how your personality can work for you or against you professionally

  • Overcome obstacles that prevent you from achieving your goals


Read a case study to learn about the insights coaching can offer

How does the process work?


Coaching begins with a series of in-depth interviews designed to clarify your professional aspirations, understand any difficulties you've encountered, and explore the competencies that you'll need in order to attain your goals.  Business-based psychological assessment tools will be offered to help you identify how your personality impacts your performance.  

The goal is to help you gain a sophisticated understanding of how your behavior contributes to your success, and the ways in which you might become even more effective.

You will craft a blueprint outlining the changes you want to make, the steps and actions necessary, and the ways to measure your progress.  With support and guidance from your coach, you will practice new behaviors and new approaches designed to achieve the changes you seek.  

What is the time and financial commitment involved?


To some extent that depends on your goals but most successful coaching engagements are at least six months in length.  Coaching sessions are typically 60-minutes long and they are held 2-times per month (adjusted depending on your needs).  Coaching is provided via Zoom unless other arrangements are mutually agreed upon.


Private client services range between $220 - $250 per hour depending on the nature of the project.  Fees for psychological assessment tools are additional.  Be sure to consult with your tax advisor to determine whether these services qualify as an educational expense.


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