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Are your managers capable of leading? Are your leaders as successful as they can be?


Have you been able to retain and develop your high potential employees?  Are your teams collaborating effectively? 


Let us help your key people perform at their very best.

Mid Career

Executive Coaching


By the midpoint of a career, the demands of a profession may have changed so significantly that previous strategies and behaviors may no longer be optimal.  Executive Coaching can help people build skills, leverage their strengths in new ways, manage their weaknesses more effectively, and prepare them to meet new challenges. 

Learn more about our approach to Executive Coaching


360-Degree Feedback Surveys


360-degree feedback can be a powerful developmental tool. To maximize its utility you must have a well constructed survey instrument and you need to have a solid feedback process.  As psychologists, we're used to helping people take a more honest, genuine look in the mirror, and that includes challenging them when the 360 feedback differs from their self-perception.  

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If you would like to see a sample 360 report, please contact us.

Organization and Team


Are there obstacles that impede trust and effective communication among your people?  Does everyone have a shared understanding of what the organization is trying to accomplish?  Is your business experiencing unexplained turnover or poor morale?  Do you have a management team that doesn't function like one?  We can identify the problem and show you how to resolve it.  


Our organizational audits reveal what your employees really think about your organization, and they pinpoint the unspoken concerns that limit performance.

Read an excerpt from an organizational audit report


Effective communication and trust are essential to your teams.  We don't believe that these complex matters can be taught in a half-day workshop.  Our approach relies on a combination of targeted discussions and an online, on-demand platform that offers personalized tools to promote effective teamwork and collaboration.

Learn more about our online self- development platform, Matrix Insights

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Private Coaching


Not all companies provide Executive Coaching, nor do they offer it to all professional level employees.  That doesn't mean that you cannot invest in this process yourself, and doing so has some potential advantages.  For business owners and individuals who seek the benefits of executive coaching on a private basis, we have created an affordable program that offers unparalleled convenience and confidentiality.  Let us help you succeed.  

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