Leaving your company may be the most significant transition of your adult life. For many owners, exiting a business has almost the same impact as leaving a family.


If you're in good health retirement may be the longest phase of your life. Yet most baby boomers short-change themselves when it comes to planning for the psychological aspects of the decades that lie ahead.


Whether you're a business owner thinking of selling or a late career professional contemplating retirement, we can help you sort through the decisions you're facing.

Late Career

What's Next Coaching ®

For Business Owners


This brief 2-3 session coaching program helps you successfully address the personal and emotional side of transitioning out of your business.  The questionnaires and exercises in the coaching program provide a step-by-step methodology which helps you think strategically about not only what needs to be done to maximize the value of your company, it also helps you become emotionally ready to let go of your business, build a new personal identity, and begin planning what to do with the next chapter of your life.


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The Platinum Years

Explore Coaching ®

For Late Career Professionals


The EXPLORE Coaching Program provides a process that helps you navigate the murky waters as you transition out of your current position, providing peace-of-mind for late career professionals.  


The 2-3 session program helps you begin to address concerns about the next stage of your life.  It provides a framework and a process for exploring your values, interests, and priorities.  The transition from full time work can take many paths, but you owe it to yourself to be psychologically prepared.


​Our Explore Coaching Program was developed by our partners at

The Platinum Years

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