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Leaving your company may be the most significant transition of your adult life. For many owners, exiting a business has almost the same impact as leaving a family.
If you're in good health retirement may be the longest phase of your life. Yet most baby boomers short-change themselves when it comes to planning for the psychological aspects of the decades that lie ahead.
Whether you're a business owner thinking of selling or a late career professional contemplating retirement, we can help you sort through the decisions you're facing.

If your first year of retirement has fallen short of your expectations, our post-retirement coaching program can help you chart a new course

Late Career

Our brief pre-retirement coaching programs help you address concerns about the next stage of your life. They provide a framework and a process for exploring your values, interests, and priorities. The transition from full time work can take many paths, but you owe it to yourself to be psychologically prepared.

Our post-retirement coaching program is designed for those seeking direction during their first year after leaving work. We'll help you clarify what's missing from your current routine, identify potentially more fulfilling activities, and broaden your perspectives about what retirement can feel like.

To learn more about our book titled "Done With Work - A Dozen Perspectives On The Decision To Retire" and our pre- and post-retirement coaching programs, click here.

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