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Most people rely on their gut when making

a hiring decision, only to suffer ongoing indigestion when saddled with a poor performer. 


Let us evaluate your key candidates, or help you build an expert system for doing so.  


We can improve your interview process, teach you what to listen for, and help you make personnel decisions using advanced tools and techniques.

Early Career

Have you hired or promoted people for important positions who didn't perform as expected?  Has your organization suffered because key individuals were a poor fit for their role?  At Hamilton-Chase, we recognize how important it is to make good hiring decisions, and we have a number of ways to assist you.  It may be as simple as refining your interview process or implementing an online assessment tool.


Most people rely on their gut when making a hiring decision, only to suffer ongoing indigestion when saddled with a poor performer.  And many have no training about how to conduct a job interview other than what they themselves experienced.

There are many resources that can offer instruction about behavioral interviewing.  One can even find terrific lists of questions on the Internet.  But we can show you how to get behavioral interviewing right.  The true benefits of behavioral interviewing are derived not only from asking the right questions.  It’s equally important to know what to make of the candidate’s answer. 

As psychologists we can help you craft good questions that target specific competencies.  We will teach you what to listen for, what a candidate’s reply might mean, and how to formulate follow-up questions.  We can also deploy well-validated online instruments to assess qualities that are difficult to detect in an interview.


We are pleased to offer online assessments, video interviewing, culture tools, and a reference checking platform from OutMatch.  Now our clients have access to the same high caliber instruments used by Fortune 500 companies.  


Click to see a short video about the OutMatch assessment, or download a one-page information sheet. Contact us to arrange a complimentary demo​.