Our consulting services are based on established behavioral science - not on the latest fads or trends.

Although we employ advanced psychological tools and techniques, we're committed to assisting you in a straightforward business-friendly manner. 


We work with small to mid-sized companies and organizations, individual professionals, and owners of privately held businesses.

Larry Gard

How Our Firm Is Different


We believe that individuals can change, but the most substantive and sustainable growth occurs when people develop from the inside out.  Change has to start from within, beginning with self awareness - an elusive element at best.  By analogy, you can do an acceptable job of combing your hair while looking out of the window - but chances are you'll achieve better results by using a mirror. Self awareness is critical because it allows a person to emphasize productive traits and behaviors, while self-managing the counterproductive ones.

We dislike "consultant-speak" just as much as you do and so we promise to clearly say what we mean and mean what we say.

We understand that time is money and we recognize that far too many consulting projects use up way too much of both.  Whenever possible we look for ways to offer an incremental approach, using the least costly tools that will get the job done.  That said, we also don't believe in quick fixes - not when it comes to people - and we won't water down a project to the point that it has no chance of succeeding.  Our strategy is to target our services as efficiently and effectively as possible.  

Our Core Values


  • Offer people an experience that helps them develop and succeed

  • Treat others fairly and with respect

  • Details matter; so do ethics and professionalism

  • Be responsive and responsible

Larry Gard, Ph.D.

Our firm is headed by Larry Gard, a psychologist with over 20 years of experience assisting business people.  Larry received a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.  His doctorate in psychology is from Northwestern University Medical School.  He is a member of the Society of Consulting Psychology - Division 13 of the American Psychological Association.  Click here to view his full resume.

Previous Work


Past consulting clients include well-regarded firms in the following sectors:


Legal, Banking, Information Technology, Financial Planning, Insurance, Engineering, Specialty Metals, Construction, Media, Retail Property Management, Equity Brokerage, and Healthcare.

"I hired Larry to work on a project and he did an exceptional job.  He is very much a subject matter expert on behavioral change and very easy to work with.  He was always responsive to my requests and questions.  I was very pleased with the process itself and the end result;  I would highly recommend him."  

Rosa H.  (HR Manager)

"Your product and professionalism are top notch.  Thank you for everything.  We look forward to watching and participating in our employee's continued growth."

​Patty H.  (Human Resources/Training and Development)

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