From Hiring to Retiring

At Hamilton-Chase Consulting, we help ensure that people are a good fit for their current or future role


We apply behavioral science at every stage of work - early, middle, and late - from hiring to retiring. 


Have you hired or promoted people who didn't perform as expected?  If so, let us show you how to refine your selection and succession process.  Because your profits are only as good as your people . . .


Are your key employees as successful as they can be?  If not, our executive coaching may be the answer.

Is your business less productive because people are not collaborating?  We can address the barriers that prevent individuals and teams from working together.


Thinking of selling your business or contemplating retirement?  We help late career professionals and business owners sort through the personal side of these transitions.  To learn more about our book titled "Done With Work - A Dozen Perspectives On The Decision To Retire" click here.